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Civitans in El Dorado, Arkansas

Civitan International, founded in 1917, is an organization of volunteer service clubs around the world, dedicated to helping people in their own communities. Civitans help wherever the need arises – from collecting food for a homeless shelter, to volunteering at their local retirement home, to building a playground for children with disabilities. El Dorado Civitans Club has been helping people since the chapter’s founding in 1956. Our mission is to build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.

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Civitan Auction 2021

63rd Annual Civitan Auction

Since the beginning of the El Dorado Civitan Club an annual auction has been held. Local businesses have donated items to be auctioned to fund the chapter's charitable projects in the community throughout the year.

Two-thirds of the auction profits go to the South Arkansas Developmental Center for Children and Families - a beneficiary of the auction for many years.

Bidders can get a great deal on items they would already purchase or discover real finds in among the many items our generous businesses and individuals donate. You will know the money stays in our area and goes to many good causes!

2021 Auction Dates:
Monday September, 13  - Thursday, September 23


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